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County launches App to alert and prepare residents for emergencies

Gloucester County has developed a mobile app that helps its citizens properly prepare and stay informed during and after a disaster.  Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Giuseppe 'Joe' Chila announced that Gloucester OEM Ready is a free mobile application that residents can download to their iPhone or android device.

Director Damminger said, "The creation of this new app is the result of a tremendous amount of work this county has done over the past year to better prepare for a disaster.  We have learned so much from the June 2015 storm that quickly damaged so much of our county, and we wanted to create a way for people to get information and stay informed during and after a disaster."

"Gloucester Ready OEM is a natural progression of providing our residents another tool on how to be prepared and stay informed in today's world," said Damminger. 

Deputy Director Chila, Liaison to the Office of Emergency Response said that the free app helps users to create their family's emergency plan and get a list of necessary kit supplies in just under a minute.  They will receive the latest updates and necessary information on evacuation routes, shelters, available emergency services and more should a disaster strike.

Chila said, "When it comes to emergency preparedness failing to plan is planning to fail. We want our residents to download this useful app, make their plans and get familiar with it and see all it has to offer."

“We have a very capable, technologically advanced Office of Emergency Management who will be responsible for putting out Alerts on this app, as well as enabling any special features like road closures or shelter openings,” said Deputy Director Chila.

The county will be able to change topics in the app seasonally and, even if a user is not within the boundaries of Gloucester County during an event (storm, emergency), they will still be notified so they know what is going on at home.

OEM Ready App is easy-to-use and can provide instant access to evacuation maps so users know which routes are safe, shows the nearest emergency shelters and special services, sends out the latest alerts and emergency notifications from Gloucester County, and helps users create personalized family emergency plans and can broadcast a persons status (“I am safe” or “I need help”) with one single tap.

The app is not able to track a mobile device. 

The app was created through the Gloucester County Office of Emergency Response with the vendor Quick Series who specializes in government, military, EMS, Fire and other first responder apps and services.