Retail Food Establishments

Retail Food Establishments


Welcome to the Gloucester County Department of Health and Human Services Food Inspection Report webpage.

Our Environmental Unit conducts unannounced inspections at over 1,300 retail food establishments at least once a year. Click onto the Gloucester County Portal to enter the system and type in the name of your favorite restaurant to review the actual inspection report.

This Department just began use of the Digital Health Department software in the fall of 2015.  As a result, not all food establishment inspections have been uploaded into the database.  But do know they will become included, once the annual site visit is conducted and their facilities are inspected.

All Gloucester County Registered Environmental Health Specialists have been trained and are "Standardized" by the New Jersey Department of Health. These employees monitor the listed establishments for compliance in food handling, food temperatures and personal hygiene using Chapter 24 (N.J.A.C 8:24) - "Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines".

Food establishments are rated as being: Satisfactory, Conditionally Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory.  If you wish, you can view the Full Inspection Report on this site.


What do the ratings mean?

"Satisfactory": The establishment is found to be operating in substantial compliance with the requirements and food service personnel have demonstrated that they are aware of and are practicing sanitation and food safety principles as outlined in Chapter 24.

"Conditionally Satisfactory":
At the time of the inspection the establishment was not found to be operating in substantial compliance with requirements and in violation of one or more provisions of this chapter. Due to the nature of these violations, a re-inspection shall be scheduled.

Re-inspections are conducted at an unannounced time and a full inspection shall be conducted during that re-visit.

"Unsatisfactory": Whenever a retail food establishment is found to be non-compliant with this chapter, with one or more violations that constitute gross insanitary or unsafe conditions posing an imminent health hazard, the health authority shall issue an unsatisfactory evaluation. The health authority shall immediately request the person in charge to voluntarily cease operation until it is shown on re-inspection that conditions which warrant an unsatisfactory evaluation no longer exist. The health authority shall institute necessary measures provided by law to assure that the establishment does not prepare or serve food until the establishment is reevaluated. These measures may include embargo and/or condemnation.


For additional information, please contact our offices at (856)-218-4170.

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Copies of Inspection Reports may be obtained through the completion of the OPRA (Open Public Records Act) process.

Click here to download the OPRA Form.